We have just GA’d PowerPath/VE 5.7

Multipathing provides two main functions:

1.Dynamic and intelligent load balancing
2.Path failover and path recovery
•PowerPath/VE load balancing offers automated configuration and optimization with intelligent routing to the best possible path for every I/O
•PowerPath/VE quickly, non-disruptively and automatically redirects I/O when a path failure occurs or when a path is restored

The main highlights are the support for vSphere 5 and Auto Deploy.

Product Overview

PowerPath® is host-based software that provides:

  • Automatic failover in the event of hardware failure
  • Dynamic multipath load balancing

Your license type determines the extent of PowerPath functionality available.

New Feature Summary

§  Support for VMware vSphere 5.0 on PowerPath/VE 5.7

§ Support for stateless vSphere hosts Stateless support is provided through the served license model.

§ Support for the Auto Deploy installation method for stateless vSphere hosts

§ Support for automatic license registration

    • Automatic license registration allows PowerPath/VE to register a license on the vSphere host without having to expressly register the PowerPath/VE license with the rpowermt register command. Instead, the PowerPath/VE license is registered automatically with the use of most rpowermt commands.

§ Expanded RSA rpowermt lockbox support:

    • Access to rpowermt lockbox from multiple hosts
    • Support for environment variables and commands to disable or bypass lockbox

§ Support for CIM Ticket Authentication

    • CIM Ticket Authentication allows you to use RTOOLS in combination with vCenter Server to authorize a vSphere host that is managed by vCenter without the need of a root password. CIM Ticket Authentication also allows RTOOLS to access vSphere hosts that are in Lockdown mode. You use the CIM ticket output with most rpowermt commands to authorize the vSphere host.

§ Extended license data reporting

    • The rpowermt check_registration command now displays additional information regarding the PowerPath/VE for VMware vSphere license that was used to register PowerPath/VE on the target vSphere host, such as:
      • host ID
      • license type (served or unserved)
      • license issue date
      • days until license expiration
      • license file search path
      • license file names

§ Support for EMC storage systems:

    • VMAXe
    • VPLEX 5.0

§ Support for EMC storage system software:

    • VNX OE 5.31 (formerly FLARE)
    • VNX File OE 7.0 (formerly DART 7.0)
    • VNXe File OE 2.x
    • Symmetrix storage systems, with Enginuity 5874 ATS support
    • VPLEX GeoSynchrony 4.x
    • VPLEX GeoSynchrony 5.0
  • Support for software iSCSI NICs:
    • Intel
    • Emulex

§ Support for Fibre Channel over Ethernet CNAs:

    • Emulex
    • Qlogic

§ Support for Fibre Channel HBAs:

    • Emulex
    • Qlogic

§ Support of the following operating systems on the remote CLI (rpowermt) server:

    • Windows 2008 R2 SP1
    • RHEL 5.6
    • RHEL 6.0
    • RHEL 6.1

§ Support of the following operating systems on the electronic licensing management (ELM) server:

    • Windows 2008 R2 SP1 on
    • RHEL 5.6
    • RHEL 6.0
    • RHEL 6.1

§ Several bug fixes

check out the instructions on how to use the AutoDeploy from Everything EMC –


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