Thanks for voting for my VMworld 2011 session, I just got the exact dates and times in case you want to come, Scott S from VMware and myself are going to host it and I promise you it’s pretty deep…

here’s the session abstract:

SharePoint Server is a perfect candidate for virtualization. Physical implementations suffer from many limitations including time wasted waiting for servers to arrive, waiting for software to load, and testing complex HA and DR designs. Virtualization eliminates the dependence of the SharePoint component server on physical hardware. Now you can easily add CPU and memory resources on the fly, move workloads to more powerful machines, deal with planned hardware maintenance with zero application downtime, immediately re-start workloads from failed machines, and recover to a DR site without worrying about maintaining exactly duplicated hardware. SharePoint is supposed to work this way. On VMware vSphere, it does! This session will cover virtual hardware design considerations for SharePoint 2010, guidelines for capacity planning, options for high-availability and disaster recovery, and support considerations.

The session itself will cover both the Recommended Practices and a customer use case where we (EMC & VMware) actually implemented a 120,000 SharePoint seats project.

Thanks Again and hope to see you in my session!

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