yesterday, we have released a new version of our VSI plugin to vCenter.

just a quick recap, VSI plug-in to VMware vCenter. VSI features contain there: Storage Viewer (SV) version 4.1, Unified Storage Management (USM) version 4.2, Storage Pool Management (SPM) version 4.1, Path Management (PM) version 4.1, and Symmetrix SRA Utilities version 4.1

some of the highlights of this release is the What is the new Access Control mechanism:

1. Storage Admin creates an “Access Profile” and transfers it to the VMware Administrator

2. VMware Administrator uploads the Access Profile into VSI

3. VSI provisioning limited to storage from pools defined in the Access Profile

Among the other features, my favourite fix for thr Symmetrix SRA utilities is the ability to map vDswitches when performing the automated SRM Failback.

there are MANY MANY more new features and I encourage you to freely download the new version from Powerlink:

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