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Last Week I was asked to size for a really large VMware VIEW deployment.(start with 2,000 but need to scale to 25,000 and beyond..)

Naturally, I thought about a Vblock 700MX (or two) to do the job but since I didn’t found a customer with 25,000 seats I wasn’t sure what will be the right building blocks.

The best thing about working for EMC is the fact that we all try to help eachother and because we are so big, there is ALWAYS someone who probably has done it before or have more experience than you..

With the help of Bala and cody I found Narasimha Krishnakumar and Viet Tran which presented to me the following presentation they have present at EMC world.

This presentation cover the SIMPLE building block of how to scale VMware VIEW users (Knowledge Workers Profile) in blocks of 768 users.

For anyone who wonders who emailed me how did I came with the crazy numbers of 24,000 users per a VMAX, that’s how..if 1536 Users can run on a single engine with 4 FA’s, then 8 fully populated engines with 8 ports each gives you 24,576 users per VMAX.

Now, they came with a conclusion of far less servers but the bottleneck was due to the fact they used B200 server with limited capacity of RAM and CPU CORES and didn’t scale beyond 8 UCS’s Chasis.

ENTER B230 with either 6,8 or 10 cores and FAR more RAM AND also the ability to add more than 8 UCS’s Chasis to the Vblock (pending a “soft” exception)

This RA also covers the usage of FAST VP to bring the total disk counts down while effect application performance by a 0.5, so for an example , opening outlook takes 3 seconds on a normal FC configuration, with the usage of FAST VP it will take 3.5 seconds..thats the beauty of a VMAX FAST VP that works in real time!

The EMC World 2011 Presentation:


the Vblock 700MX RA for this solution:


or directly from the VCE website:


Hope you will find this documents as useful as I did!

Itzik Reich

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